GWMWater has introduced a new process which requires all developers to enter into a Developer Agreement prior to starting works.

The agreements will apply to all new developments that require new infrastructure moving forward, with different requirements for minor and major works.

This process is in line with industry practice and formalises the requirement for developers to deliver works to GWMWater standards. The terms of the agreement include some new requirements relating to pre-qualification of construction contractors and provision of defects security.

An agreement provides clarity to both parties and will avoid situations where the costs of rectifying defects falls on GWMWater and its customers.

We encourage you to contact us and prepare your paperwork early to avoid delays.


New Developer Works Agreement FAQs

In the past, developer works have been completed by their appointed contractors without a formal agreement and defects security with GWMWater. As a result, after the infrastructure is constructed and handed over to GWMWater, the cost of managing any defects falls on the corporation and its customers. This new agreement is consistent with industry practice and aims to avoid this situation in future.

The new process applies to all new developments that require new infrastructure from hereforth. It does not affect any works already underway.

Each agreement will be tailored based on the works, with simpler requirements for Minor Works, but generally the new agreements specify:

> All contractors completing Developer Works must be pre-qualified with GWMWater through our online contractor management system, Pegasus. Prequalification ensures all contractors:

  • have the right licences, qualifications and insurances
  • are inducted to work safely.

> Defects security must be paid prior to handover of the assets to GWMWater and will be returned at the end of the defects liability period, typically two years. Any costs incurred in rectifying defects will be deducted from this security.

Developer Works are considered Minor if they meet the following criteria:

> No mechanical and electrical assets (including Pressure Reduction Valves but excluding pressure sewer units); and

> Fewer than three pressure sewer units; and

> Where the sum of valves, hydrants, elbows, junctions, bends, changes in diameter, and changes in material is less than 10.

If your works are considered Minor, the agreement will be simpler and have fewer requirements.

You can visit for more information or call Cameron Bald, GWMWater Development Services Officer, on 1300 659 961.

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An education series brought to you by GWMWater and the Storage Manager


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Lake Fyans is set to receive an upgrade over the summer months with works on the embankment and marina being undertaken.

The Storage Manager started moving water from Lake Fyans to Taylors Lake in mid-September, in order for GWMWater to complete the project. We do not expect water levels at the reservoir to be below those needed for recreational activities over summer.

In the early stages of the works we will desilt and deepen the marina, which will allow larger boats to continue to use it, even when water levels are lower.

The Lake Fyans Embankment Upgrade Project is an investment in water supply infrastructure as well as an integral recreational lake for community, tourists and local sporting clubs. 

Information Sheet - Lake Fyans Embankment Upgrade Project (PDF)


Frequently asked questions

Approximately 1,200 ML will be transferred to Taylors Lake with releases of around 50 ML/day. This will reduce the water level by approximately 30 centimetres. As per normal seasonal conditions, the lake will naturally reduce by up to 70 centimetres. Recreation activities will be able to continue as usual over the summer months.

The water transfer is occurring in September to make the most of cooler daytime temperatures and a wet catchment to reduce any losses in water associated with the transfer.

Water transfers started in mid-September. Construction is scheduled to run from January to April 2022.

Water levels at Lake Fyans are generally lower over summer and would be naturally close to the level it needs to be to do the embankment works. Earth works require the bank to be dry, so the work is to be carried out over summer when there is less rainfall forecast.

The boat ramp will be unavailable for a very short period of less than a week. The Lake Fyans Holiday Park public boat ramp will be available to use.


We’re proud to be partners with Choose Tap (link) to spread the word of the benefits of choosing tap water.

When you drink tap water as opposed to purchased bottled water, you are making a difference in more ways than one!

Tap water costs less than $1.80 for one thousand litres. That’s less than 1 cent a litre! Compare that to the price of bottled water.

Purchased bottled water is convenient, but with a bit of practice and remembering to take a refillable water bottle to avoid buying water, you will notice the savings to your hip pocket.

Avoid the sugary drinks (and calories) by choosing to use a refillable water bottle to quench your thirst when on the go.

Choosing to drink water has many health benefits as well. Give those kidneys a flush and aim to drink around 2 litres of water a day. Find out more:

Jazz up water by adding a bit of fruit to your drink or jug - such as lemon, lime, strawberries for extra tastiness. Making a water-mocktail is always fun and remember some ice in your water to make it extra refreshing. Click here for water mocktail recipes.

By drinking tap water you are reducing plastic waste along with other environmental benefits such as production of plastic bottle, plastic and cardboard packaging and transporting. Many bottles end up as landfill or enter waterways.

  • It can take up to 3 litres of water to produce 1 litre of bottled water
  • Plastic bottles take up to 450 years to break down, leaving behind micro-plastic

Find out more:

Permanent water fountains are location in towns in the GWMWater region where drinking water is available. These water fountains provide fresh water for you to drink direct from the fountain or re-filling your drink bottle. Each water fountain comes with a dog bowl for the family pooch to have a drink as well. To find out where water fountain are located in the GWMWater region and around Australia, visit

Did you know that we can provide your hospitality business with free 1 litre glass swing-top bottles for dining tables?

It’s as easy as completing our Sponsorship Form to order bottles for your use. (Please note that a limit for each business applies.)

We’re proud to support local community events and festivals and can provide sponsorship in various forms. We can provide a drinking water trailer for events in towns that do not have a drinking water supply. We also have available portable water fountains for outdoor events in drinking water towns.

To see how we may help you at your next local event, click here.

We also have reusable drink bottles that we can provide to sporting clubs and in some cases can also provide a water carrier than holds 10 water bottles.

We have a variety of resources to support your school. This includes providing student drink bottles (conditions apply), education programs or tours and more. To view our educational resources, click here - 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss how we can assist.

It’s recommended that we drink around 2 litres of water daily. Make water refreshing fun by making a water mocktail. Click here for family friendly recipes.

We proudly work in partnership with local councils in our region to provide drinking water fountains in townships that receive a drinking water supply. We gift permanent water fountains to local councils for installation in the best location for community and traveller benefit.

If you would like another water fountain in your township, please contact your local Council.