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One of the most important ways that we communicate with our customers is through our network of customer committee members. These committees draw membership from a variety of rural and urban water users, municipalities and environmental interests.

Committees meet regularly and provide advice to us on matters that relate to policy, customer service, customer relation issues and operation of our system. They're also a barometer of community standards and expectations.


We currently have four customer committees operating. See a list of each committee's members below:

Irrigation Diverters Committee

As a result of the sale of the Wimmera Irrigation entitlement to the Commonwealth Government, the GWMWater Board has formally wound up the Wimmera Irrigators and Diverters Consultative Committee.

A new Irrigation Diverters Committee has been established to provide diverters with a forum to be involved in GWMWater’s decision making processes.

Committee members:

Bill Ower Wimmera River Irrigation Diverter – Horsham area
Shirley Mackenzie Wimmera River Irrigation Diverter – Dimboola area
Dean Netherway Wimmera River Irrigation Diverter - Quantong
Chris Spence Wimmera River Irrigation Diverter - Norton Estate
Tony Baker Wimmera Catchment Management Authority
Tim Shanahan North Central Catchment Management Authority - Huntly
Malcolm Farley Budgerum
Chris Guthrie Donald


Regional Recreation Water Users Group

The first meeting of the Regional Recreation Water Users Group was held in June 2009.  The role of the group is to provide advice to the GWMWater Board on the development of policies for recreational water distribution and management.

Group members:

Mark Jenkins Derek Bibby
Tony Dark James McFarlane
Rob Loats Katrina Rainsford
Simon Grigg Helen Ballentine
Mick Leeming Gail Sharp
Jim Leeke David Grimble
Chris Botheras  



West Wimmera Groundwater Management Area Implementation Committee

This committee is responsible for implementation of the West Wimmera Groundwater Management Strategy. The Strategy provides direction to ensure that groundwater is managed equitably and in a way that maintains the social, environmental and economic benefits it provides.

The West Wimmera Groundwater Management Area extends from the Wimmera River to the South Australian border up to and including the Big Desert.

Committee members:

Name Representing
Jo Murdoch Southern
Geoffrey Maddern Northern
Lester Maybery Gymbowen
Ron Hawkins Neuarpur
Trevor Domaschenz Southern
David Wallis Northern
Geoff Miller Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
Tony Baker Wimmera Catchment Management Authority
Councillor Representative West Wimmera Shire Council
Louis Koch Neuarpur


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