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Rec lake & reservoir algae warnings

Check rec lake & reservoir algae warnings

There were cheers as Yaapeet’s Macy Fuller and GWMWater Board Member Carolyn Welsh turned the tap on to fill the newly constructed Yaapeet Lake.

To mark the official opening of the new recreation lake in Yaapeet, GWMWater hosted a celebratory event on Monday 21 December 2020. The storage site at Yaapeet had been redundant since the completion of the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline but, now filling with water, will become a vibrant space for wildlife, locals and visitors to enjoy.

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The idea to re-purpose the storage came about after the Rainbow and District Landcare Group undertook diversity and cultural heritage surveys in 2017. Following on from this, members of the local community with the support of GWMWater, the Yarriambiack Shire Council and Victorian Fisheries Authority transformed the area into a new recreational haven.

In July 2019, the Victorian Fisheries Authority announced it would provide $36,000 to support the initiative. The Victorian Fisheries Authority is also going to stock Lake Yaapeet with native species to provide fishing opportunities in the Wimmera Mallee region.

Yaapeet resident Macy Fuller, 18, said she got involved in the project when she was 15 and was excited with the final product.

“Water is life and this lake opening will bring life to the community,” she said. “It’s a space everyone can enjoy and will be extremely beneficial to the Yaapeet area.”

“It’s not at diving level yet but I’ll be in there as soon as it is!”

GWMWater Managing Director Mark Williams said the corporation placed a high value on lakes and weir pools in the region because of the environmental benefits, opportunities for local communities to enjoy recreational activities and the visitors they attract to our region.

“Recreational water is a great initiative from our perspective. We see this as an integral part of our role in supporting communities,” he said. “I’d like to congratulate the community on their perseverance to make this lake a reality.”

The lake will be a great spot to walk, swim and spend time with family and friends.

If you are looking for somewhere to visit this summer, why not check out Lake Yaapeet?


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