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Rec lake & reservoir algae warnings

Check rec lake & reservoir algae warnings

GWMWater will kick off community information sessions about a planned upgrade to Kaniva’s water supply later this year.

Kaniva is the largest town in Victoria without a fully treated drinking water supply.

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The upgrade forms part of GWMWater’s 2018-2023 Water Plan, along with upgrade projects at Ultima, Moyston and Elmhurst.

The water supply will be piped from Nhill and treated in line with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Managing Director Mark Williams said access to drinking water was a key factor in both retaining and attracting young people and families to regional towns.

“During consultation with the Kaniva community in 2017, we found younger customers in particular were in favour of an improved water supply and accessing drinking water,” he said.

“Some residents also expressed concerns about using the water in food preparation, issues with discoloured water staining clothing and linen as well as the risk posed to visitors who aren’t aware the water is not fit for drinking.”

Mr Williams said it was important to deliver safe, high quality drinking water to urban towns across the region to promote wellbeing, liveability and future growth for the towns and businesses.

“A drinking water supply will provide a more consistent water quality and clarity that generally improves the life of appliances such as hot water services, dishwashers and washing machines,” he said.

“There is also a potential opportunity to retain the urban bore water supply to maintain recreational areas and green spaces.

“Having drinking water can also encourage people to make Kaniva a pit stop given its location on the main transport link between Melbourne and Adelaide.”

In preparation for the project, GWMWater is planning to use a method known as ‘ice pigging’ to clean the reticulation network to remove any blockages or sediment build up.

Plans to upgrade water mains to increase pressure and flow to service Kaniva’s industrial estate are also progressing.

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