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Pressure Vessels Inspections

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Name Pressure Vessels Inspections
Number C00847
Type Invitation to Supply
Contact phone 1300 659 961
Contact email
Contact name Tammy Smith
Open date 16/04/2018 6:00am
Close date 07/05/2018 2:00pm

Tenders close 2 pm Monday 7 May 2018.


GWMWater is an innovative water corporation providing, managing, operating and protecting water supply and sewerage systems within the Grampians, Wimmera and Mallee regions of Victoria.

GWMWater is establishing a panel of preferred contractors to provide operational efficiency, value for money and to promote ‘Zero Harm in the Workplace’.

An invitation is extended to companies to inspect, service and maintain:
Pressure Vessels Inspection

Contractors must uphold a commitment to safety, health, quality and the environment.

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