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  • If you’re purchasing a property and going through a solicitor or conveyancer, you don’t need to notify us.

    We require a legal Title to change the ownership of a property. If you have a solicitor or conveyancer, they will send this to us with your details via a Notice of Acquisition after settlement.

    Make sure your mailing address is up to date.

    Update your details

  • If you think your water bill is unusually high, consider the following:



    We tend to use more water in the warmer months so remember to compare your water use to the same time last year, rather than to your last bill.


    Appliances and watering

    If you’re using an appliance more often it will increase your usage. Check your appliance settings and see if there’s a water saving mode. Automated watering systems and evaporative cooling can also use a lot of water, so check your settings.

    Find out more about saving water


    Water leaks

    You may have an undetected leak which is causing your water use to rise. Toilet leaks are especially common.

    How to check for leaks


    Misread water meter

    If your water meter was read incorrectly it will affect how much water use we’ve billed you for. If you think we’ve misread your meter, contact us to submit your correct meter reading.

    How to read your water meter

  • All Victorian towns are under Permanent Water Savings Rules when staged water restrictions aren’t in place.

    Check what water restrictions are active in your area

  • You can use your water meter to check for leaks. Simply note and then compare your water meter reading before and after a period of no water use. More advice about checking for a water leak.


    Customers connected to the Wimmera or Northern Mallee pipeline

    If you're one of our customers connected to the Wimmera or Northern Mallee pipelines, you can also use our Customer Portal, a free online system that allows you to monitor your water and get leak alerts via your smart phone, tablet, laptop or home computer. Read more about Customer Portal.

  • If you’ve had a leak on your property, please contact us to see if you’re eligible to receive an undetected leak rebate.

    This rebate is available to both urban and rural customers providing certain criteria has been met.

Outages and water quality alerts

Pine and Macpherson Streets and the Western Highway in between

Water Main Replacement - Section of Nhill

Reason: Maintenance Works

Starting: 7 am, 4 June 2018
Finishing: 5 pm, 20 July 2018

To improve water quality and water pressure in Nhill, GWMWater will be conducting works on the water main in the identified area.

Works are expected to take place between the hours of 7 am to 5 pm, commencing on Monday 4 June 2018, and lasting for approximately seven weeks.

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Cooper, Doyle, Shirreff, Smith and Sutherland Streets, Stawell

Planned Interruption to Water Supply - Stawell

Reason: Maintenance Works

Starting: 9 am, 4 July 2018
Finishing: 2 pm, 4 July 2018

These maintenance works form part of our commitment to provide best service standards to our customers.

Prior to the interruption please store sufficient water for your day's needs.

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Report a fault by calling 1800 188 586 anytime

What are our water levels like?

Lake Bellfield

Last year

Lake Bellfield is located in the eastern Grampians near Halls Gap and has an inlet from Fyans Creek. Lake Bellfield supplies water to Halls Gap and Pomonal. It's also the main source of supply for the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline system, supported by Taylors Lake. The lake is used for recreational activities such as boating, fishing and picnicking. Please note that boats with an internal combustion engine are not permitted at Lake Bellfield.

Natural disasters in past years, such as the Mt Lubra fires in 2006 and the floods of January 2011 have badly affected the water quality of Lake Bellfield. We have recorded record levels of turbidity and water colour in recent times.

Recreational activities permitted
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