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Outages and water quality alerts

Murray River supplied towns and pipelines

Blackwater Monitoring - Murray River

Reason: Blackwater in the Murray River

We are continuing to monitor water quality in the Wimmera Mallee and Northern Mallee Pipeline systems following heavy rainfall and excess water across Victoria.

Customers with an untreated water supply sourced from the Murray River may notice a change in colour and odour of your supply.

Continued wet weather has led to excess water along the Murray River reaching floodplains where floodwater can leach out organic matter from dead leaves, bark and grasses. This can give water a brown to black coloured appearance known as ‘blackwater’. 

Customers are reminded that your untreated water supply is not safe for drinking. Water can be used for household activities, such as watering gardens, flushing toilets, showering/bathing, irrigation and laundry.

GWMWater will provide further information to customers if the situation changes or if any actions need to be taken.

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Blue-green algae warnings

Lake Toolondo - Blue-green algae warning
Last update
Lake Toolondo

Starting: 11 February 2021

Regular testing has detected levels of blue-green algae above levels considered safe for recreation use at Lake Toolondo.

We warn the public to avoid direct contact with the water. People may still boat, sightsee and enjoy other activities at the lake that do not involve direct water contact.

Warning signs have been positioned at major recreational areas around the lake and will remain in place while the warning is current.

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