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Taylors Lake

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Taylors Lake is an off-stream reservoir and a reliable water source for the region. Sitting 20 km south-east of Horsham, it's supplied from upstream storage within the Wimmera-Glenelg headworks. The nearby Potters Creek also serves as a small natural catchment.

The lake has an important role in supplying environmental water to the Wimmera River. It's also very popular with Horsham locals for recreation, especially camping, fishing and water skiing. When other lakes are dry, Taylors Lake will often still have water to enjoy.


Be sure to play it safe around water.

Read our information signage before entering the water.

Visit Safe Transport Victoria for a range of resources on water safety:

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Helpful Information


  • is permitted in the Western Camping Area
  • no camping within 20 metres of the water's edge (lake side of track) for wate quality protection
  • do not construct or use a pit toilet. Toilets are located at the eastern and western boat ramps
  • long-term camping (8+ weeks) must be approved by our Patrol Officer
  • camping under trees is not advised as branches and limbs may fall
  • camp away from other visitors at established camp grounds if camping with dogs

Camp fires


  • bring your own firewood
  • fallen timber and trees are protected and must not be cut down

Portable Generators

  • must be within 10 metres of the owner's tent and closer to the owner's tent than anyone else’s
  • don't put them in long grass as they can start fires!
  • refer to Country Fire Authority 'chainsaws, lawn mowers and other equipment' conditions during fire season


  • must keep to the obvious tracks
  • not permitted on the beach or sand dunes
  • speed limit 10 km/h within Taylors Lake reserve area
  • no unregistered motor vehicles including trail bikes


  • designated boat ramps must be used

Duck Shooting

  • duck shooting permitted during duck season only
  • no shooting zone near the dam wall operational area
  • camping at the South-Eastern Area is permitted one week prior to and during duck season


  • must be under control at all times and tied up at night
  • to be kept on a leash in picnic and camping areas or when near other visitors
  • bring own bag to remove any faeces deposited by your dog
  • must not enter the water, excluding duck season for the retrieval of ducks


  • are not permitted in the reserve


  • are not permitted inside the recreation area

The boating authority for Taylors Lake is GWMWater.

Future planning

We've developed plans to improve the recreational use of Taylors Lake.

See what's planned.

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Taylors Lake Recreational Facilities Management Plan (1.4MB, 32 pages)

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Taylors Lake - Future Use Plan (3.7MB) 

Weather Forecast

Current Temperature
  • Feels like 8.2°C
  • Relative Humidity 66 %
  • Rainfall 0.0mm
  • Wind S at 7 km/h
  • 12°
  • 12°
  • 11° Possible thunderstorm