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About recycled water

Recycled water is treated wastewater available for reuse from our wastewater treatment plants. It's an important resource for GWMWater and the region. It has many benefits, such as:

  • helping to maintain community resources such as sports ovals, race courses and golf courses
  • encouraging regional growth by supporting community recreational spaces and local industry, such as vineyards
  • reducing the need for drinking water or raw water in irrigation
  • providing potable water substitution options
  • reducing environmental impacts from traditional river discharges

Ten of our 28 wastewater treatment plants are currently supplying recycled water across the region to participating customers.


Recycled water treatment

Our recycled water is treated to meet fit for purpose requirements according to EPA Victoria's guidelines. Under the guidelines, this water is used for:

  • urban areas that have restricted public access during irrigation
  • agricultural uses for vineyards
  • agricultural uses for grazing or as fodder for livestock
  • industrial uses for systems with no potential worker exposure

Recycled water is often stored in the winter and then used during the dry summer and autumn months when other water sources are scarce.


Recycled water in the news

A Greening St Arnaud project will provide recycled water for the town’s parks and gardens. 

Northern Grampians Shire Council, in partnership with GWMWater, has completed the project at Goldfields Reservoir. 

Read the full article from The Weekly Advertiser here

Northern Grampians Shire Council in partnership with GWMWater, have completed a recycled water project at Goldfields Reservoir, St Arnaud. The project called Greening St Arnaud, will see the reservoir continually topped up with recycled water during the winter period and used as a water supply for the town’s parks and gardens.

Read the full article from Northern Grampians Shire Council here

The Federal Government has confirmed it will join the State Government in funding a Horsham Agriculture Smartwater and Integrated Water Management Project.

Each tier of government will provide $4.57-million for a redevelopment that will open the door for a major supply boost of high-quality irrigation water.

Read the full article from The Weekly Advertiser here


February 2024 recycled water reports

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Ararat Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Edenhope
Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Great Western Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Halls Gap
Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Horsham Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Murtoa
Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Nhill Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Rupanyup
Adobe PDF file icon 24x24St Arnaud Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Stawell
Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Warracknabeal Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Willaura


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Interested in recycled water for your property?

GWMWater currently services a number of towns in the region with recycled water, but there are limitations to our supply capabilities. If you're interested in recycled water for your business or organisation, contact us to find out more.


Further information...

Water Quality Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling






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