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Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with your payments. Don't be afraid to ask for help! At GWMWater we understand that things can sometimes get a bit tricky and we'll work with you to come to an arrangement.

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Will GWMWater disconnect my water if I don't pay my bill?

Water is an essential service and we don't disconnect your water for non-payment.

However, we may take legal action or restrict your water supply to two litres per minute due to non-payment if:

  • more than 14 days have lapsed since the issue of a reminder notice
  • we've sent a warning notice including information on GWMWater’s Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Hardship Policy (90kB, 2 pages) and other programs that are available to help you with payment difficulties
  • we've attempted to make contact with you about the non-payment
  • we've notified you of the restriction or legal action and the associated costs, including the cost of removing a restrictor
  • we've offered or agreed to a flexible payment plan, and you've refused or failed to comply with the arrangement.


Further information...

Get a concession or grant
A range of concessions and grants are available to provide financial relief for GWMWater customers. If you're eligible, you may be offered reduced payments for your water services.



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