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We understand that coronavirus (COVID-19) may significantly impact household budgets and businesses.

Whether you need support paying your bill, or just helpful ways to manage your payments, we’re here to listen and assist you where we can.

We offer confidential, personalised assistance to our customers experiencing difficulties in paying their account.

We understand changes in life can happen at any time and you may find yourself experiencing financial hardship which makes it difficult to manage your water account.

Options available include:

  1. Flexible Payment Agreements
  2. Payment Cards
  3. Centrepay
  4. Direct Debit
  5. Government concessions where eligible
  6. Undetectable Water Leak Rebates
  7. Utility Relief Grants
  8. Customer Support Program

We will assist and offer support where we can, including referral assistance to confidential and independent financial counselling.

To discuss how we can assist you, please phone us on 1300 659 961 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information on our response to coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit: 

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Payment options and assistance


Will GWMWater disconnect my water if I don't pay my bill?

Water is an essential service and we don't disconnect your water for non-payment.

However, we may take legal action or restrict your water supply to two litres per minute due to non-payment if:

  • more than 14 days have lapsed since the issue of a reminder notice
  • we've sent a warning notice including information on GWMWater’s Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Hardship Policy (90kB, 2 pages) and other programs that are available to help you with payment difficulties
  • we've attempted to make contact with you about the non-payment
  • we've notified you of the restriction or legal action and the associated costs, including the cost of removing a restrictor
  • we've offered or agreed to a flexible payment plan, and you've refused or failed to comply with the arrangement.


Further information...

Get a concession or grant
A range of concessions and grants are available to provide financial relief for GWMWater customers. If you're eligible, you may be offered reduced payments for your water services.



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