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GWMWater is committed to the ongoing improvement of services and infrastructure in our region. That's why we undertake an annual capital investment program as part of our committment to provide sustainable water and wastewater services for our community. These initiatives are a part of our Water Plan 2013-2018.

You might notice a project in your area; check the table below to see our current list of capital works and when we expect them to be completed.


If you want further information about a particular project, don't hesitate to contact us.


Town / Area
Various Decommissioning of redundant structures 2019/20
Sea Lake
Sewer Pump Station Upgrades 2019/20
St Arnaud / Wedderburn South West Loddon Pipeline Project - Stage 2 2019/20
Harrow Water quality improvements 2019/20
Grampians Headworks structure renewals Ongoing
Grampians Headworks (dam) safety works Ongoing
Various Water storage tanks renewals Ongoing
Various Water treatment plants - major infrastructure asset renewals Ongoing
Various Water treatment plants - upgrades and modernisation Ongoing
Various Water pump station asset renewals Ongoing
Various Water main renewals Ongoing
Various Urban water meter replacements Ongoing
Various Groundwater meter replacements Ongoing
Goroke Sewerage scheme 2022/23
Various Sewer main replacements Ongoing
Various Wastewater treatment facilities upgrades Ongoing
Various Wastewater treatment plant - major infrastructure asset renewals Ongoing




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