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Apply for a groundwater bore or licence.  Information about groundwater mangement, monitoring, trading and areas.

About groundwater

Groundwater is an essential resource for our community, especially in the western parts of the region.


Apply for a groundwater bore

If you're planning to construct or alter a groundwater bore, you need to apply for a licence before you can start works.


Apply for a 'take and use' groundwater licence

To use groundwater for irrigation or other commercial purposes, you must have a ‘take and use’ licence.


How to trade groundwater

Groundwater can be traded either temporarily or permanently.


West Wimmera Groundwater Management Area

The West Wimmera GMA incorporates the area west of the Wimmera River to the South Australian border, and north to the Big Desert.


Murrayville Groundwater Management Area

The Murrayville Groundwater Management Area (GMA) occupies 1,916 square kms centred on the town of Murrayville, between the Murray Sunset National Park and the Big Desert.


Use groundwater legally

In the interests of the environment, the community and fairness, it's important for people to follow the rules regarding taking and using groundwater. 



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