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Click each on each lake or reservoir below for current water levels and recreational activities permitted.

Lake Bellfield

Lake Bellfield is located in the eastern Grampians near Halls Gap and has an inlet from Fyans Creek.  The lake is used for recreational activities such as boating, fishing and picnicking.


Lake Fyans

Lake Fyans is a small off-stream reservoir with a small natural catchment.  The lake is one of the most important recreational lakes in the region.


Lake Lonsdale

Lake Lonsdale has an important role in the community as a recreational lake in the Stawell area, hosting a number of activities on its northern side, such as boating, swimming, camping and water skiing.


Moora Moora Reservoir

Recreationally, Moora Moora is especially popular for bush camping, fishing and boating.


Rocklands Reservoir

Rocklands Reservoir, located on the Glenelg River, is GWMWater's largest reservoir.


Taylors Lake

Taylors Lake has an important role in supplying environmental water to the Wimmera River. It's also very popular with Horsham locals for recreation, especially fishing and water skiing. When other lakes are dry, Taylors Lake will often still have water to enjoy.


Lake Toolondo

Lake Toolondo is an off-stream reservoir famous for its great trout fishing and is a popular recreational destination in the region.


Lake Wartook

Located on the MacKenzie River in the central Grampians, Lake Wartook is popular with locals for activities such as fishing.


Green Lake, Horsham

Green Lake is no longer used as a water supply reservoir, but plays an important role in managing the water quality within the headworks system. Green lake also offers a variety of recreational opportunities.


See how the water flows throughout the Grampians Headworks System.


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