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Water restrictions are a necessary part of a sustainable future for our region and wider community. It's everyone's job to use water in a responsible and fair manner.

All Victorian towns are always under 'Permanent Water Saving Rules' unless we've introduced more serious 'staged water restrictions', which are put in place when water supplies are being threatened by drought or other environmental issues such as blue-green algae.

Permanent Water Saving Rules do not apply to the use of recycled water, reclaimed water, grey water or rainwater collected in a storage tank.


Select your town from below to check the current restriction.

If you live in a rural area, select 'rural properties'.

Rural Properties Cowangie Hopetoun Minyip Pomonal Ultima
Antwerp Culgoa Horsham Miram Quambatook Underbool
Apsley Dimboola Jeparit Moyston Rainbow Warracknabeal
Ararat Donald Jung Murrayville Rupanyup Watchem
Berriwillock Dooen Kaniva Murtoa Sea Lake Waitchie
Beulah Edenhope Kiata Nandaly Serviceton Walpeup
Birchip Elmhurst Lake Bolac Natimuk Speed Westmere
Brim Glenorchy Lalbert Nhill St Arnaud Wickliffe
Buangor Goroke Lascelles Nullawil Stawell Willaura
Charlton Great Western Lillimur Ouyen Streatham Woomelang
Chillingollah Halls Gap Manangatang Patchewollock Tarranyurk Wycheproof
Chinkapook Harrow Marnoo Pimpinio Tempy Yaapeet


Legality of water restrictions

Water restrictions are based on the Victorian Government’s four-stage Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Water Restrction By-law 107 as adopted by GWMWater.



Storage tanks

Permanent Water Saving Rules or Staged Water Restrictions don't apply to the use of recycled water, reclaimed water, grey water or rainwater collected in a storage tank.



Exemptions may be granted if GWMWater considers that reasonable grounds have been presented. As a part of the process, you may need to place a Submission of a Water Conservation Plan to GWMWater. All applications for exemption will be responded to in writing within 10 business days of receipt.

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Water Restriction Exemption Application Form (93kB)


Large pools

The filling of large pools is limited under water restrictions. If you want to fill a pool with a capacity over 2,000 L, you'll need permission from GWMWater.

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Application to Fill a Swimming Pool or Spa (61kB)


If you need help, call us on 1300 659 961.


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