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GWMWater takes pride in maintaining good relationships with the regional community and in our record as a good corporate citizen. We are committed to continuing to develop and implement policies and activities that will build and foster these close relationships, as reflected in our Vision, Mission and Values statements.

In November 2019, GWMWater adopted a Communications and Engagement Strategy 2019-2024. It is founded on the recognition that GWMWater’s communications and engagement is at an important point in time, when it must balance the needs of its customers and stakeholders, who more than ever, have varied expectations in the way they prefer to be engaged and provided information. 

We take a structured and planned approach to community engagement using the IAP2 Model of Engagement

Read our Customer Relations Policy for more information. 

Customer and Stakeholder Workshops

We host two Customer and Stakeholder Workshops each year to engage a broad range of stakeholders in the Grampians, Wimmera and Mallee about issues affecting our work and our future direction. All are welcome.

Customer Committees

One of the most important ways that we communicate with our customers is through our network of customer committee members. These committees draw membership from a variety of rural and urban water users, municipalities and environmental interests.

Committees meet regularly and provide advice to us on matters that relate to policy, customer service, customer relation issues and operation of our system. They're also a barometer of community standards and expectations. Read our Stakeholder Committees or Working Groups Policy for more information. 

We have numerous customer committees operating, including:

Irrigation Diverters Committee

As a result of the sale of the Wimmera Irrigation entitlement to the Commonwealth Government, the GWMWater Board has formally wound up the Wimmera Irrigators and Diverters Consultative Committee.

A new Irrigation Diverters Committee has been established to provide diverters with a forum to be involved in GWMWater’s decision making processes.

Regional Recreation Water Users Group

The first meeting of the Regional Recreation Water Users Group was held in June 2009.  The role of the group is to provide advice to the GWMWater Board on the development of policies for recreational water distribution and management.

West Wimmera Groundwater Management Area Implementation Committee

This committee is responsible for implementation of the West Wimmera Groundwater Management Strategy. The Strategy provides direction to ensure that groundwater is managed equitably and in a way that maintains the social, environmental and economic benefits it provides.

The West Wimmera Groundwater Management Area extends from the Wimmera River to the South Australian border up to and including the Big Desert.




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