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A range of concessions and grants are available to provide financial relief for GWMWater customers. If you're eligible, you may be offered reduced payments for your water services.


Concession card holders

You may be eligible for a government discount on you water services if you hold a:

  • Pension card
  • Healthcare card
  • Veteran Affairs card.

To claim a concession, call us on 1300 659 961 and have your concession card close by so we can get your details. When you apply for this concession, you authorise us to confirm your eligibility with the Department of Human Services or Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

For more information: Department of Human Services - Concessions.


Life support concession

If your household is using an eligible life support machine, you may be able to get a quarterly discount on your water bills. This concession is available to both renters and homeowners.

For more information: Department of Human Services - Life Support Concession.


Utility relief grant schemes

The Utility Relief Grant Scheme and the Non-Mains Utility Relief Grant Scheme both provide assistance for residential customers who can't pay their bills due to a temporary financial crisis.

For more information: Department of Human Services - Utility Relief Grant Scheme and Non-Main Utility Relief Grant Scheme.



Not-for-profit rebate

If you're a not-for-profit organisation, you're likely eligible for a government rebate. The Victorian Government offers a rebate of up to $260 per year on fixed water and wastewater service charges for eligible customers.

To apply for this rebate visit to complete the Water and Sewerage Service Charges Rebate Application form. If you need help in completing this form we will be happy to assist by calling us on 1300 659 961.


Wildlife ponds scheme

GWMWater has developed a scheme to provide a rebate for 17 kL of water to landholders who construct and register a wildlife pond.

Find out more about building a wildlife pond and applying for a rebate.


Undetectable water leak rebate

If you’ve had a leak on your property, you can contact us to see if you’re eligible to receive an undetectable water leak rebate.

Otherwise, you can apply online now by clicking here.

This rebate is available to both urban and rural customers providing certain criteria has been met.


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