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Find out about our environmental policies and management systems.  Information about pipeline supplied wetlands, wildlife ponds and planting trees near pipelines.

Responding to climate change

We believe climate change poses a great threat to our water supply, our environment and our way of life. That's why we're taking a proactive approach in our policies regarding climate change.


Environmental Management System

At GWMWater, we're committed to managing our natural resources responsibly and delivering services in ways that minimise the impact on the environment.


Pipeline supplied environmental wetlands

Our rural pipelines also supply water to 51 environmental wetlands in our region.


Build a wildlife pond

A wildlife pond is an inground water source designed to provide habitat for wildlife. A 17 kL water rebate is available to rural landholders who construct and register their wildlife pond.


Planting trees near a rural pipeline

If you're planning to plant trees or shrubs, it's important to avoid planting them too close to a pipeline in case we need to do work on a pipe.



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