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Apply to connect to a rural pipeline.  Information about pipeline water allowances.  Tools and advice for designing and monitoring your on-farm piped system.

Connect to the East Grampians Rural Pipeline

Connecting to the East Grampians rural pipeline will secure a reliable water supply for your property.


Connect to the South West Loddon Pipeline

Connecting to the South West Loddon pipeline will secure a reliable water supply for your property.


Express an interest to connect to the West Grampians Rural Pipeline

If feasible, a pipeline extension will reach into agricultural areas in the south east of the West Wimmera Shire. This pipeline could provide ongoing water security for rural customers in the project area as well as the townships of Edenhope and Harrow - including significant economic, social, recreational and environmental benefits to the region.


Connect to a rural pipeline

Many properties in rural areas will have the option to join our existing water network. The primary requirement for a property is that it's fronted by one of our pipelines.


Apply for a pipeline water allowance

GWMWater customers supplied from rural pipeline systems have fully tradable water allowances, which are registered at an individual customer level with the Victorian Water Register.


Benefits of connecting to a rural pipeline

There are many benefits of having a piped supply, from better quality water for bathing and washing to security for firefighting or enterprise opportunities.


Designing your on-farm piped system

If you're planning to install your on-farm piped system, we have tools and advice available to help you come up with the best design for your property.


Monitor your rural pipeline use

With droughts and unreliable rainfall making water such a valuable resource, it's important to make sure you're using your water supplies as efficiently as possible.



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