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Information about the history of our water supply and constructing the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline is available from these books and articles.

More about constructing the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline


For life - how we got the water back

A story about people, and about pipes ...

Written by: Melissa Pouliot

'For life - how we got the water back' is filled with stories about how the Wimmera community got the water back via one of the largest water infrastructure projects in Australia. It highlights stories behind the stories, and what motivated and inspired so many people to keep on going with the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project, despite numerous setbacks.

Copies of the book or audiobook can be purchased online at 


Pipe Dreams

A history of water supply in the Wimmera-Mallee

pipe dreams book cover

Written by: Rhona van Veldhuisen and Bob McIlvena

Published by: Wimmera-Mallee Rural Water Authority

Date: 2001

Copies are available for $35 or by post for $50 including postage and handling. To get your copy, contact us.


From Pipe Dreams To Piping Water: The Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project

Written by: Jeff Rigby

Published by: Water Magazine

Date: August 2005

This article was written by former GWMWater Managing Director, Jeff Rigby, and provides information about planning and designing the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline.

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 From Pipe Dreams to Piping Water: The Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project (151kB, 3 pages)



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