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Our mission, vision and values are an essential part of our culture at GWMWater. We incorporate these into every action we take - whether it's providing assistance over the phone, fixing a service fault, or encouraging regional growth for our local communities.


Our vision

Healthy environment, thriving community.


Our mission

Through partnerships with our stakeholders, we will provide affordable services using our precious resources to ensure a productive and liveable region.


Our values


We will promote a culture that respects the views of our customers and our people with a 'can do' approach.



We will work as a team to deliver agreed organisational priorities whilst respecting the views of stakeholders.



We will be accountable for the actions we take and responsible for those we influence.



We will be able to promote the merit of our decision making.



We will ensure that the performance of our people, assets and resources are optimised in the provision of services.



We will ensure that our policies and processes support a consistent attainment of quality and safety in all aspects of our operations.


Further information...

About us

GWMWater is a government-owned statutory corporation established in 2004 with a responsibility to provide, manage, operate and protect water supply and sewerage systems for our community.


Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Policy - Drinking Water Quality 

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Policy - Quality Statement

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Policy - OHS Statement

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Policy - Sustainability





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