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GWMWater, working with the West Wimmera Shire Council, is investing in Goroke to provide a sewerage system. The sewerage scheme will use current septic tanks on properties and deliver a reliable and effective wastewater collection and treatment system which will contribute to the prosperity and future growth of the town.

The Goroke Sewerage Scheme has been delayed while proposed locations for the wastewater treatment plant were investigated. We expect construction to start in early 2021.

Goroke Sewerage Scheme Boundary Map

Updated GSS Sewer District 


Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 FAQs Goroke Sewerage Scheme (Revised August 2020)

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Goroke Sewerage Scheme - Summary of charges and timeline - (Revised Aug 2020)

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Goroke Sewerage Scheme - Draft Network Design

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Media Release - GWMWater to improve the environmental health of Goroke

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Terms of Reference - Goroke Sewerage Scheme






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