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GWMWater has prepared a Non-Urban Metering Action Plan in response to the updated Victorian Non-Urban Metering Policy (2020) and in the context of the Murray-Darling Basin Compliance Compact. The Plan details the actions GWMWater will take to ensure accurate metering under the Policy.

The GWMWater Non-Urban Meter Action Plan demonstrates commitment to accurate metering with all applicable sites requiring accurate metering under the Policy (groundwater and surface water diverters):

  • to be metered by AS4747 compliant pattern-approved meters by June 2025
  • to be telemetered where feasible and cost-effective, providing near real-time data

This high-accuracy metering will continue to provide accurate data for reporting, management of allocations, and protection of water resources.

This plan is not applicable to GWMWater bulk water meters, or meters within GWMWater’s urban systems, regulated rural pipeline systems and reclaimed water networks.


More information

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Non-Urban Meter Action Plan


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