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Information about who we are and what we do.  Download our annual reports.

About Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water

Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water is a government-owned statutory corporation established in 2004. We have a responsibility to provide, manage, operate and protect water supply and sewerage systems for our community.


Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision, mission and values are an essential part of our culture at GWMWater. We incorporate these into every action we take - whether it's providing assistance over the phone, fixing a service fault, or encouraging regional growth for our local communities.


Our Structure

With over 160 employees, GWMWater is one of the largest organisations in the region. As a service provider and resource manager we have a wide range of functions and responsibilities. A strong and efficient organisational structure is integral to our ongoing success.


The Board

The GWMWater Board is diverse and multi-faceted, with men and women from all different working and educational backgrounds.


Executive Management Team

The Executive Team ensures the smooth day-to-day operation of GWMWater, as well as implementing strategic direction as determined by the board.


Customer committees

One of the most important ways that we communicate with our customers is through our network of customer committee members. These committees draw membership from a variety of rural and urban water users, municipalities and environmental interests.


Annual reports

Each year GWMWater produces a series of reports about our performance and highlights for the 12 months.


Our performance

As part of our five-year plan GWMWater provides an overview detailing three service outcomes our customers value and expect from their water and sewerage services.



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