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There is plenty to read in this edition with good news that water prices fall along with pipeline benefits for the environment, drinking water for Elmhurst, Kaniva, Moyston and Ultima plus pipeline news.

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Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Tapping In - Edition 4 2017/18 (5MB, 4 pages) contains information on Mallee towns to receive a drinking water suply, a water storage update, the Dad and Dave Weir fish ladder and more.

Safe drinking water is on its way to Elmhurst, Kaniva, Moyston, and Ultima, with the next phase in water quality improvement scheduled to be completed over the next five years.

Water to these towns is currently either from groundwater (Kaniva), a small local catchment (Elmhurst), a combination of groundwater and water from Mount William Creek (Moyston), or from the Murray River, via the Northern Mallee Pipeline (Ultima).

Check your water supply

Take advantage of the free water trade period. Trading part of your water allowance offers a simple way to offset the cost of water. Or, alternatively, make a trade to increase your water allowance and avoid excess usage charges.

Check your water usage by logging on to our Customer Portal or contact us.

We invite groundwater users and the local community to attend an information session covering the Murrayville Groundwater Management Area.

Please join us Thursday 26 July 2018 from 1 pm to 3 pm at the Mallee Track Health Centre in Murrayville.

This session will provide an update on groundwater management and recent groundwater trends, followed by an opportunity to speak with our staff. To suggest a particular item for discussion at the session, please contact us.

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide drinking water to townships across our region, we are pleased to announce that Brim, Beulah, Sea Lake and Woomelang will receive a drinking water supply.

The works on the Mallee Towns Drinking Water Supply Project is well underway and is proceeding according to plan with major works expected to be completed in December 2018. Once the water quality has been declared, residents will receive a drinking quality water supply in early 2019.

As part of the works Brim, Beulah, Sea Lake and Woomelang’s water supply will be sourced from Lake Bellfield and treated in line with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines at our Warracknabeal Water Treatment Plant. The drinking water will then be supplied to each town by a 130 km pipeline to be built from Warracknabeal to Sea Lake, via Brim, Beulah, Hopetoun, and Woomelang. Pumping Stations and storage tanks will be installed at Warracknabeal, Hopetoun and Sea Lake.

Presently, Sea Lake receives a water supply from the Murray River, and Brim, Beulah and Woomelang are supplied from Supply System 2 of the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline.

GWMWater's contractor, Mitchell Water Australia Pty Ltd, has commenced works with two 2.4 ML storage tanks at Warracknabeal, and the first 37 km of pipeline between Warracknabeal and Beulah completed. Construction on the remaining sections of the pipeline is due to begin in mid-July of this year.

We have liaised with rural property owners along the pipeline route. We will keep our customers in Brim, Beulah, Sea Lake and Woomelang informed as works these progress.

If you would like more information on this project or any of our services, please contact us.

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Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Media Release - Treated drinking water closer for southern Mallee Towns (218 kB - 12 July 2018)

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Media Release - Drinking water on its way! Brim, Beulah, Sea Lake and Woomelang (192 kB - 4 January 2018)

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Plans for ‘Bringing Water Back to Green Lake (near Sea Lake)’ are one step closer!

Works commenced on 9 July 2018, and when completed will allow the lake to be filled with recreational water sourced from the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline.

Green Lake (near Sea Lake) will be closed to the public during July and August 2018 while works are carried out.

GWMWater is managing the project on behalf of the Green Lake Committee of Management.

(Photography courtesy of Buloke Shire Council.)

The average urban customer’s bill will reduce by $30 per year, with most rural customers benefitting from savings of between $12 and $50 per 250ha (calculated on an average 250 ha ‘block’ standard water allowance, with one primary and one standard meter). Prices will then remain flat for the next four years, with annual adjustments occurring to account for inflation (currently 1.9% per year).

The savings come after the Essential Services Commission considered our pricing proposals as part of our 2018-23 Pricing Submission.

Key initiatives of our 2018-23 Pricing Submission included:

> water quality upgrades for Kaniva, Elmhurst, Moyston and Ultima

> introducing a wastewater scheme for Goroke

> extension of recreation water discounts to schools

> introducing a new Guaranteed Service Level payment of $100 for customers who receive a drinking water supply and are issued with a boil water notice

> water trading fees waived during the first quarter of 2018/19 for rural pipeline customers.

Concessions on payroll tax for all regional businesses announced in the Victorian budget have contributed to the price reductions for 2018/19.

Over the next five years, we will spend more than $85 million improving and maintaining the water and wastewater services we provide to urban and rural communities across the region.

The establishment of an Independent Deliberative Panel provided significance during the development of the Pricing Review. Made up of 17 representatives from across our customer base the panel helped to identify and advocate for customer and community priorities. The Panel worked hand in hand with us to identify areas for savings, so that these could be passed on to customers, while still maintaining sufficient revenue to fund an extensive program of capital works and network improvements.

If you would like more information on our 2018-23 Pricing Submission please contact us. Alternatively you may prefer to visit the Essential Services Commission website at www.esc.vic.gov.au.

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 2018/19 Schedule of Tariffs, Miscellaneous and Other Charges (378kB, 6 pages)

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24GWMWater Media Release - Prices to fall for GWMWater customers (198kB)

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Essential Services Commision Media Release - Water bills to stay low for town and country (182kB)

Minister for Water - Media Release - https://www.premier.vic.gov.au/keeping-water-bills-affordable-for-victorians-2/

Members of the public are advised to avoid direct contact with water in Lake Marma at Murtoa after monitoring detected levels of blue green algae above levels considered safe for recreational use. For more information please refer to Yarriambiack Shire Council, or visit our Blue-Green Algae information page.

Commencing May 2018 we will be increasing water pressure for our Horsham and Haven customers.

See here for more information or call us during business hours on 1300 659 961.

GWMWater has prosecuted a person for illegally taking water from the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline and for unlawfully interfering with works. The case, which was heard at the Horsham Magistrates’ Court on Friday, 27 April 2018, resulted in the person being found guilty and convicted.


Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Media Release Conviction for water theft in the Wimmera (629kB)