GWMWater is presently experiencing high rates of consumption by rural customers on the Northern Mallee and Wimmera Mallee Pipelines. High stocking rates, and summer weed control, necessitated by unseasonal December rainfall, have resulted in increased customer demand.

Rural customers are reminded that, as per the Rural Customer Charter, three-days’ of backup storage is required to help manage the risk of interruption to supply. This storage also helps to buffer demand over a 24-hour period, providing more consistent pressure and supply rates across the network.

A comprehensive On-Farm Water Reticulation Guide is available, providing practical and technical advice covering all aspects of a piped on-farm system. Download a copy from our website [link] or contact us on 1800 188 586 to get your free printed copy of the guide.

On Wednesday 9 January 2019 it was reported that crews will be in the sewers below Sidmouth (England) for months using hand tools and high-pressure cleaning equipment to break up and clear the fatberg, which is formed from congealed oil, fats and household items.

Fatbergs might be causing problems in the United Kingdom, but they're also an issue for water management authorities in Australia, including GWMWater.

This is what can be done about them.

Remember - Oils, fats and wipes block your pipes as well as ours. Please use the bin instead.

Agriculture Victoria is providing grants through their Drought Infrastructure Grant Program. These grants will assist farm businesses implement on-farm infrastructure (including water infrastructure) to improve dry seasonal conditions management and preparedness. Find out more

Regularly check Agriculture Victoria's website for workshops, advice, information and other services available at

The Department of Health and Human Services has been notified of a number of cases of gastro (gastroenteritis) at holiday parks around Victoria, and remind holiday makers of preventative measures to minimise the spread of pathogens which cause gastro.

Should you require any further information or have any queries, please contact the DHHS on 1300 651 160 visit

Members of the public are advised to avoid direct contact with water in Lake Marma at Murtoa after monitoring detected levels of blue green algae above levels considered safe for recreational use. For more information please refer to Yarriambiack Shire Council, or visit our Blue-Green Algae information page.

Consider being involved in the water industry with water corporations, catchment management authorities and the Victorian Environmental Water Holder.

Approximately 120 board positions will be available across Victoria with expressions of interest opening in February/March 2019.

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Consider being a Board Member in the water industry (132kb, 2 pages)

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In conjunction with the Horsham Rural City Council, GWMWater advise that the water channel bridge located on Tramline Road, St Helens Plains will be closed until further notice due to safety concerns.

Suggested alternative routes include:
> Wonwondah/Dadswell Bridge Road> Winfields Road (load limit applies)
> Flat Rock Road> Northern Grampians Road.

GWMWater is currently planning a bridge replacement to restore access by mid-2019.

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Our latest customer newsletter Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Tapping In - Edition 3 2018/19 (4MB, 4 pages). Articles include Ouyen community celebrate Ouyen Lake, Norton Estate Wines wins at Rural Water Awards, pipeline news, a message from VEWH plus more.


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Our Adobe PDF file icon 24x242018 Annual Water Outlook (722kB, 9 pages) outlines the key water security information for all towns and rural pipeline customers supplied by us. An outlook for licenced surface water diverters and licenced groundwater users is also provided.

All Systems Summary: With the water resources available across all of GWMWater’s supply sources this season, no restrictions to urban or rural pipeline users are anticipated under normal operating conditions.

A full listing of towns, rural pipelines and their supply sources can be found here.

We are committed to providing respectful and confidential assistance to customers who are impacted by family violence.

Our Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Family Violence Policy (75kB, 3 pages) provides the framework which informs our decisions and the actions taken in dealing with customers experiencing family violence. It also provides information on the assistance that is available to those who are affected.

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