The seasonal restriction for licensed groundwater users in Neuarpur Sub-zone 1 will remain restricted to 80% of their licence volume for the 2020/21 season. This is in accordance with the West Wimmera Groundwater Management Area Local Management Plan. 

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Members of the public are advised to avoid direct contact with water in Green Lake near Horsham after monitoring detected levels of blue green algae above levels considered safe for recreational use. For more information please refer to Horsham Rural City Council, or our Blue-Green Algae information page.

We advise the public to avoid direct contact with water in Lake Lonsdale after monitoring detected levels of blue-green algae above levels considered safe for recreational use.

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Media Release - Blue-green algae warning for Lake Lonsdale 

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Public comment on the Draft Victorian Mallee Irrigation Region Land and Water Management Plan has been extended until 4.30pm Friday 28 Feburary 2020. For more information or to get a copy of the plan, visit the Mallee CMA website

In our current Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Tapping In - Edition 3 2019/20 customer newsletter, we share with you our travels around the region, visiting schools as part of National Water Week and celebrating a fully treated water supply in four Mallee towns. We also let you know about our project of installing solar panels at our operational sites to reduce our energy costs, along with communicating with our customers to meet customers' expectations. More topics in this edition so make sure you take some time to have a read.

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Our Adobe PDF file icon 24x242019 Annual Water Outlook outlines the key water security information for all towns and rural pipeline customers supplied by us. An outlook for licenced surface water diverters and licenced groundwater users is also provided.

All Systems Summary: With the water resources available across all of GWMWater’s supply sources this season, no restrictions to urban or rural pipeline users are anticipated under normal operating conditions.

A full listing of towns, rural pipelines and their supply sources can be found here.

We are pleased to provide our Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Annual Report 2018/19 for your review.

We have had another very busy year with capital works projects and operational service standards to our customers at the fore.

The region continues to benefit from rural pipeline networks. This financial year was one of the lowest water inflow years on record, however were able to meet all demands with three to four years of water in reserve.
To find out about our capital projects, such as South West Loddon Pipeline, East Grampians Rural Pipeline, Urban Remote Meters, Ouyen Lake, Green Lake near Sea Lake; or to read how we have contributed to the socio-economic value within the community in which we live, please take time to read our Annual Report.

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Consultant's Report for 2018/19 as mentioned on page 16 of our Annual Report.

The Storage Manager has started a review of the Storage Management Rules for the for the Wimmera-Glenelg headworks system. The rules form the basis for how the system is operated day-to-day to support water security for the region.

The Minister for Water appointed GWMWater as the Storage Manager for Wimmera-Glenelg, however GWMWater is also an entitlement holder. To ensure the independence of the Storage Manager, governance arrangements are in place so that all entitlement holders and other key stakeholders are involved.

A specific governance arrangement has been set up for the purpose of the review which enables the Storage Manager to report directly to the GWMWater Board.

The review aims to improve and refine the current Storage Management Rules and operation of the Wimmera-Glenelg system, taking into consideration any new data, information and operational experience, to better meet the needs of entitlement holders and improve efficiency. This could include both the storage and delivery of water.

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Fact Sheet - Wimmera-Glenelg Headworks Operations Review

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