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The Urban and Rural Water Strategy outlines how we will manage water to provide secure and affordable water services in our towns and cities now and into the future. Urban Water Strategies have a long-term outlook of 50 years and considers the total water cycle.

As GWMWater has both urban and rural responsibilities, the strategy considers both urban and rural pipeline supplied customers in each of our five water supply systems - Murray, Goulburn, Grampians, Pyrenees and Eastern Grampians and groundwater towns.

It takes account factor such as population change, climate change, variability and other risks.

We are currently in the process of developing our 2022-2027 strategy. GWMWater will actively engage with stakeholders on key issues to inform the development of the strategy. The Strategy is due for submission to the Minister for Water in March 2022.

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Urban and Rural Water Supply Strategy (429 kB)

The strategy meets requirement 6-A of the Statement of Obligations (General) issued to all water corporations and has been produced in accordance with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Urban Water Strategy Development Guidelines.


Supporting information...

Western Region Sustainable Water Strategy

The Western Region Sustainable Water Strategy maps out our region's water resources and the challenges and opportunities facing water users over the next 50 years.

Annual Water Outlook

Our Annual Water Outlook is released in December each year. It builds on our Urban and Rural Water Strategy to provide information about water security for our towns and rural users for the year ahead.

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