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We work hard to provide as many of our customers as possible with access to safe, high-quality drinking water that consistently meets consumer and regulatory requirements in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 and the Safe Drinking Water Regulations 2015. The Department of Health administer the implemention of these standards across Victoria.

Our region has 18 water treatment plants that supply treated water to 89 percent of our urban customers.

  • Drinking water is safe for human consumption. It can be used for drinking, cooking, making ice, cleaning your teeth and for showering or bathing. Drinking water is filtered and disinfected to meet the strict guidelines for safe drinking water.
  • Disinfected water is in compliance with Australian drinking water guidelines but the treatment process is slightly different from other drinking water.
  • Non-drinking water isn't disinfected and isn't intended for human consumption. You can still use this water for household activities though, such as watering gardens, flushing toilets, irrigation and laundry purposes. You can also use it for showering or bathing, as long as you're careful to avoid swallowing the water.  Read about Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Living with an untreated water supply brochure and view our Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Untreated Water Supply Notice.

You may be interested in reading about Guidelines for private drinking water supplies at commercial and community facilities.

Check your town's water services

GWMWater is a water supplier within the terms of the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003, which provides a legislative framework for assuring drinking water quality in Victoria. Click on your town in the table below to see if your water is safe to drink and view other information relating to your town.

Rural Properties Cowangie Hopetoun Minyip Pomonal Ultima
Antwerp Culgoa Horsham Miram Quambatook Underbool
Apsley Dimboola Jeparit Moyston Rainbow Warracknabeal
Ararat Donald Jung Murrayville Rupanyup Watchem
Berriwillock Dooen Kaniva Murtoa Sea Lake Waitchie
Beulah Edenhope Kiata Nandaly Serviceton Walpeup
Birchip Elmhurst Lake Bolac Natimuk Speed Westmere
Brim Glenorchy Lalbert Nhill St Arnaud Wickliffe
Buangor Goroke Lascelles Nullawil Stawell Willaura
Charlton Great Western Lillimur Ouyen Streatham Woomelang
Chillingollah Halls Gap Manangatang Patchewollock Tarranyurk Wycheproof
Chinkapook Harrow Marnoo Pimpinio Tempy Yaapeet


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Drinking water quality test results

GWMWater tests drinking water regularly to ensure it's safe for drinking.

See our drinking water quality test results


Living with an untreated water supply

More about Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Living with an untreated water supply brochure or contact us to talk to a Water Quality Officer.




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