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Ararat Sewer Fogging Program

Last updated: 4 pm, 14 November 2023

Sections of Ararat

Planned interruption

Reason: Sewer Fogging Program

Starting: 20 November 2023
Finishing: 24 November 2023

Sewer fogging is a technique designed to identify points of potential stormwater entry, including non-standard connections, into the sewer network. Stormwater entering the sewer network increases the risk of spills from sewer manholes, sewer pump stations and wastewater treatment plants during heavy wet weather events and can also affect the treatment process.

Fog will move through our sewer pipes and come to the surface where there is a leak. The fog that will be used looks like smoke, but does not smell and is harmless to people, pets, food and materials.

We thank residents in the area for their patience and understanding as we complete these important works.

For more information on sewer fogging, visit

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