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Valve Replacement Works - Mt Cole Reservoir

Last updated: 4 pm, 8 November 2018

Mt Cole Reservoir

Low water pressure

Reason: Replacing of outlet valves due to corrosion

Starting: 13 November 2018
Finishing: 16 November 2018

GWMWater wish to advise that works will be undertaken at the Mt Cole Reservoir for the purpose of replacing outlet valves due to corrosion.

During these works you may notice a drop in water pressure.

Every effort will be made to maintain a continued water supply during these works, however it should be noted that water supply may be interrupted. To help avoid any water pressure loss on your property, or in the case of an unlikely interruption to water supply, we recommend that you ensure that your on-farm water tanks are topped-up prior to these works commencing.

These works are part of our ongoing commitment to provide improved water services to our customers. Replacement of valves on the Mt Cole Reservoir will ensure that the reservoir and dam can be operated and maintained for the future. These works will also allow for remote operation of the regulation valve, meaning quicker response times for any future water supply interruptions on the Mt Cole pipeline. This will in turn reduce the water outage time experienced by customers and reduce water wastage.

We apologise to customers on this pipeline for any inconvenience that these works may cause.

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