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Water Quality Alert - Brimpaen Area

Last updated: 11.40 am, 13 January 2023

Laharum, Brimpaen, Noradjuha, Natimuk and Wartook Valley areas

Water quality

Reason: Water Quality

Starting: 11.40 am, 13 January 2023

Customers with a rural supply in the Brimpaen, Laharum, Noradjuha, Natimuk and Wartook Valley areas may be experiencing discoloured water. GWMWater is monitoring and managing storages to improve water quality in this area.

Water is darker than normal in Lake Wartook due to high rainfall and flooding last year. With high summer demand on the system, the Brimpaen storages are being filled with coloured water from Wartook and the channel system. Water sampling is showing water quality flowing into the storages is improving. We anticipate the water quality in the supply system to improve over the coming weeks.

Our Operations Team will continue to manage the water storages and flush the mains to help relieve some of the effects.

Customers can contact us 24/7 on 1800 188 586 to discuss any water quality concerns or report any sudden change in water quality.

GWMWater will provide further information to customers if the situation changes or if any actions need to be taken.

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