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Green Lake, Horsham

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Green Lake is an off-stream reservoir that was originally used for irrigation purposes. Since construction of the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline, Green Lake is no longer used as a water supply reservoir, but plays an important role in managing the water quality within the headworks system. Green lake also offers a variety of recreational opportunities.

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Helpful Information

Camp fires

  • not permitted

Duck shooting

  • permitted during duck season only


  • are not permitted

The boating authority for Green Lake is Horsham Rural City Council.

Weather Forecast

Current Temperature
  • Feels like 13.9°C
  • Relative Humidity 63 %
  • Rainfall 0.0mm
  • Wind SE at 13 km/h
  • 19°
    MIN 10°
  • 15° Rain
    MIN 12°
  • 20°
    MIN 13°